Choosing the right mattress

We realize that choosing the right mattress can be a difficult decision.
When you shop at Louisville Mattress, we will simplify things and educate to help guide you in the direction to a comfortable nights sleep.
Whether you’re looking for an affordable quality twin mattress for your little one, a spare bedroom or mattress for the master bedroom- With over 20 years experience in the bedding business we can help in deciding the best choice for you.

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Power Foundation/ Adjustable Bed

Power foundations or as some may refer to as Adjustable Beds are great for reading in bed, watching TV, and can benefit you if you are suffering from:

Acid Reflux- Elevating your entire upper half makes it very difficult for stomach acid to re-enter your food pipe. Propping pillows under your head only elevates your neck, not your entire torso where the problem originates.

Chronic Lower Back Pain- 60-75% of adults suffer from lower back pain and close to 15% of people are seeking health care for it. Standing upright and also laying flat on your back put added stresses and strains on disks and ligaments. Having the ability to raise the foot and the head to the desired levels can give you the ability to have a zero-gravity feel and relieve pressure in your lower lumbar region.

Sleep Apnea- 1 out of 5 Americans actually suffer from a blockage or narrowing of the airways in your nose, throat, and mouth. Snoring and unpleasant breathing are side effects of Sleep Apnea and can be very unpleasant for your partner as well. Having the ability to silently raise your partner to a better breathing postion while sleeping is beneficial to both parties.

Poor Circulation- Poor circulation can affect anyone and result in pain and swelling as well as many other side effects. Putting your body in the best sleeping position and also additional massage features can improve your circulation and your overall health.

At Louisville Mattress we have high quality Power Foundations at prices that are affordable. We provide professional education on Power Foundations with over 20 years experience.

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Gel and Memory Foams

Gel and Memory Foams help to provide Pressure relief and relaxation.

Memory foam can offer superior pressure relief and it also conforms to your body unlike any other material used in mattresses to help keep your spine properly aligned. Gel foam is used as a material that actually adds support, pressure relief as well as helping you sleep cooler.

Louisville Mattress only sells the highest density quality memory foam. It lasts longer and supports your body weight for a longer duration of time.

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Why Choose Louisville Mattress?

Louisville Mattress is a locally owned and operated business. With a locally owned and operated business like ours, you will receive the best prices possible due to low overhead, no salespeople, high advertising budgets or corporate offices.

We treat our customers with respect and help them to make a logical decision with their bedding needs.

We educate our customers on our products and other products on the market so we can EARN your business. At Louisville Mattress, we are not pushy. Of course we want you to buy from us, rather than our competitors, so we will always do what we can to satisfy you as our trusted customer.

We only sell high quality name brand products. Rest assured that when you purchase from Louisville Mattress, you are receiving quality products at the best prices in town.

No other dealer in the area operates quite like we do. We are a very unique one-stop bedding shop and definitely encourage you to try us out for your next bedding purchase. We can special order custom sizes, styles.

We also thank you for taking the time to check out our site and look forward to seeing you soon. Shop smart, buy local.